if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

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Job interview on Friday.  It’s for cataloguing and printing.  Probably doesn’t pay as much as I want, not by a long shot.  But I’m going to the interview for practice.  And maybe they’ll hire me part time instead of full time.  Meh.

Why are there no knock knock jokes about America?



this is genius


this is genius

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In some cities, it is now illegal to sleep in your car.  Many people claim that these cities are making it illegal to even be homeless because of laws like that, or laws like making panhandling illegal, collecting cans illegal, etc.

Now let me tell you why this is fucking stupid.

I get it that some homeless people are sleeping in run down, beat up cars and the city finds these cars unsightly on the side of the road.  But you know, in my apartment lease it explicitly states in formal terms that I am not allowed to park a car in the parking space I have unless it is in good shape and actually runs.  So why not just make it illegal to sleep in a car that is “unsightly” or that has an engine that doesn’t actually work?

Because people sleep in cars for very legitimate reasons.  Not wanting to drink and drive is a great one!  I’m all in favor of passing out in your car for a few hours to sober up before driving anywhere.  Another reason is road tripping and not wanting to pay for a hotel; I’d rather have sleepy drivers take a nap rather than keep driving after staring at the road for 16 hours.  Another reason is that people are, in fact, homeless.  If someone loses their job and has a pet cat or dog and their only asset is their car, living in their car while saving up from a minimum wage job or even while waiting to find a job is the only option; it doesn’t mean they’re lazy, they just have this place to call home for a short time instead of living on the steets (where, in many cities that have this sleeping-in-cars-ban, also make it illegal to pitch a tent in parks or even fall asleep on a bench).

So this law is freaking stupid; even rental agreements have legal terms that ban unsightly and undriveable cars so why not use that, instead of just banning sleeping in cars outright?