Anonymous asked: I dont get why everyone follows ____ they’re not even ______


the law; fun rules


Another mass shooting in the USA .. is anyone surprised ? ..(story here)


Another mass shooting in the USA .. is anyone surprised ? ..(story here)

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Our love may be faithful even unto death and beyond-yet the world will call it unclean. We may harm no living creature by our love; we may grow more perfect in understanding and in charity because of our loving; but all this will not save you from the scourge of a world that will turn away it’s eyes from your noblest actions, finding only corruption and vileness in you. You will see men and women defiling each other, laying the burden of their sins upon their children. You will see unfaithfulness, lies and deceit among those whom the world views with approbation. You will find that many have grown hard of heart, have grown greedy, selfish, cruel and lustful; and then you will turn to me and say, ‘You and I are more worthy of respect than these people.’ — Stephen Gordon echoing a familiar modern argument in Radclyffe Hall’s “The Well of Loneliness,” pub. 1928

Anonymous asked: It was a fucking PTSD suffering soldier who shot up a place it's not the fucking Illuminati. And if it was a conspiracy it's to get our minds off the fact that the USA and Russia are falling in to another cold war.

Woah woah woah, I think you took my conspiracy question too seriously.  I wasn’t asking for conspiracy theories to back up my own; I was asking for conspiracy theories in a satyrical way so I could read them over and laugh at them.  

And yes I know it was a PTSD suffering soldier and its a tragedy.  Thank you for helping me reach my ultimate goal of hearing conspiracy theories which I can then laugh and roll my eyes at.  But yes I am quite concerned about Russia and Putin’s recent actions.

I’m having trouble coming up with some conspiracy theories behind the Fort Hood shooting.  I mean usually it’s something along the lines of Obama arranging something like the Chicago Marathon bombing to distract from low poll numbers or something.  But the biggest thing right now is the Obamacare 7.1 million people signed up; and this shooting totally took away from the limelight of that.  So what conspiracy theories have you heard, please fill me in?

The reason I don’t support concealed carry laws

Personally, I dislike the idea of concealed carry laws, and this is for many reasons. Putting aside my main reason (it gives easier access to guns to people who are trigger-happy based usually on some sort of paranoia), I would like to compare concealed carry laws to diseases.

Polio, measels, mumps.  We are vaccinated against all of these as babies, which is why (until recently because people have stopped vaccinating their children) they have been mostly non-existent in this country.  If we did not vaccinate, and only treated people after their symptoms showed up or after they arrived at the hospital deathly ill, these diseases would have spread to hundreds or thousands of others before treatment began.  We give children vaccines to prevent the illness.

Having a concealed gun in hopes of stopping a shooter is the same as not having vaccines.  Sure, a gunman might get off a few rounds, heck, he might even kill a few people but as long as you’ve got that gun to stop him after he’s begun getting off a few rounds of his 100-round magazine…

Do you see what i’m saying?

So can we pass some stricter gun control laws yet?

What patriarchy has done to my afternoon walk

So I was walking home the other day from work and I took what I thought would be a shortcut. It ended up taking me about the same amount of time. My “shortcut” took me through a canyon and I found myself alone on a trail for a good 10 minutes. I could see pathways leading off behind bushes and across the small stream in the canyon and realized homeless people probably slept along that path at night, and there could be some in the brush at that vey normal.

Now a normal male would worry about getting mugged, maybe push his wallet deeper in to his pocket.

But as a female, I wasn’t worried about being mugged. Hell, take my money! Just don’t rape me. That was my thought. And yes, I’m buying some pepper spray now and avoiding that path here on out.

And that’s what kind of society we have, born of patriarchal oppression.

Still don’t believe me? Ask any male what he does on a daily or nightly basis to not get raped. Then ask a woman the same question and compare their answers.